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Compostable Packaging FAQs

Do you have some questions? Find answers below!
Can compostable packaging be recycled?
No! Compostable packaging breaks down after a certain period of time under certain conditions
What to do with compostable packaging?
First to find out is it for home compost or for industrial compost. If the first - to put in in compost bin (your or neighbor), if the second - find out about industrial composting facilities in your region
Where to put compostable packaging?
Into compost bin or special bins for industrial compost
Is compostable packaging more expensive?
Sure it is!
What are compostable packaging options?
Now there are compostable zippers, compostable valves on the market.
What are the problems with compostable packaging?
ut is expensive, needs to be labeled and your customer need to know what to do with it
Compostable packaging shelf life
It depends on the material structure and your product. Can be from several days up to 1 year