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Fully compostable coffee bags with valve

If you are a coffee roaster and especially if you deal with ethically sourced coffee one day you will think about eco-friendly coffee bag packaging.

That is the standard situation we meet in requests from UK, NZ, Canada, US, and many other roasters.

As the world declared the war to any plastics the only eco-friendly bag packaging remains compostable coffee bags and reusable packaging.

The second one is pretty simple to find and order but when it comes to choosing the compostable packaging manufacturer or compostable packaging material there are tons of information and half-truths.

So what are the options for 100% compostable coffee bags in 2020?


There are several available compostable materials on the market and the most important things you should know are:
- what is the shelf life for coffee if to use this material in compostable coffee bean bags
- is it home compostable or industrial compostable or both coffee bag.

Also, the main materials are:
- PLA (plant-based)
- Cellu film (cellulose-based)

Thanks to the science and R&D departments of some companies now we have not only compostable zippers but also fully compostable valves.
You can have a 100% compostable pouch now with no restrictions with functionality.

The main point. If the materials, zipper, valve don't have any certification (click here to read more) the bag can not break down while composting. Avoid partly-compostable coffee packaging OR biodegradable coffee bags definitions without specifying. As we always say: Every compostable bag is biodegradable but not every biodegradable bag is compostable.

Finally, you can buy, sell and pack coffee in fully compostable packaging. That is really great news. Ask your suppliers for all the information about the packaging they propose to you and feel free to ask our team to help you become a more sustainable roaster.
Fill in this short form and receive a compostable packaging quotation for your coffee in 2 business days.