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Coffee bags short guide

What type of pouch to choose for coffee beans?

There are four main types of bags for coffee:

  • flat bottom
  • stand-up pouch
  • side-gusseted
  • flat pouch.
Sustainable packaging for coffee can be:
  • recyclable
  • compostable
  • reusable
What are the main features of each type of pouches?
Flat bottom

We say: flat bottom is a new stand-up pouch.

A lot of coffee roasters choose this packaging because it has pros:
  • effectively stands on the shelf
  • because of the shape reduces storage place
  • looks modern

But there are cons:
  • the most expensive bag type
  • need double plates if printed
  • usually MOQ is higher.

Options available for a flat bottom bag:
  • zipper
  • valve
  • tin-tie
  • notches

Stand-up pouches

We love stand-up pouches as they:
  • cheap
  • popular
  • can have a lot of shapes (custom shapes are available)

But there are some cons:
  • not so cool
  • the packaging looks bigger

Options available for stand-up pouch :
  • zipper
  • valve
  • notches
Flat pouches.

Flat pouches are ideal for coffee samples. That's all.

Options available for a flat pouch:
  • zipper
  • valve
  • notches

Side gusseted

Commonly used type of bag for roasted coffee, customer love it because:
  • cheaper than flat bottom
  • looks great

  • no zipper available
  • not so cool

Options available for a side gusset pouch:
  • valve
  • tin-tie
  • notches.
Looking for the best solution for your roasting coffee, you need to think about its purpose first. Is it for the coffee shop shelf or B2B? What options do I really need?

Then think about your designs and how it will feet for flat bottom or stand up pouch.

In my opinion, the right choice of material+design+varnish+shape is the most important. Not the type.